Paddle Compasses

Silva Starter Hi-vis Compass

Silva Starter Hi vis Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassThe Silva Hi-Vis Starter Compass gets you going and back again. This easy to use compass has smaller baseplate that even kids can hold. Anyone wanting an affordable guide in outdoors can put Starter Compass to use. clear baseplate has inch and mi..
Silva Polaris 117 Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassEnjoy time out in wilderness without having to max out credit card; Silva Polaris Compass is economical choice to hikers and backcountry enthusiasts who like to know where theyre going. Thanks to two-degree graduation lines and declina..
Silva Explorer 203 Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassGet some pocket-sized reassurance on next remote adventure with Silva Explorer Compass. An ergonomic baseplate offers an easy and natural resting position in hand, declination correction scale helps you increase accuracy. built-in magnifi..
Silva Lensatic Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassLensatic Compass..
Silva Guide Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassNavigating by that big tree over there is cool, until you go over hill and you cant see it anymore. No matter where you are, Silva Guide Compass will help you stay oriented with two-degree intervals, adjustable declination, sighting mirror with V-si..
Silva Huntsman Compass Silva Starter Hi vis CompassThat oft-repeated piece of real estate advice is also applicable to hunting. Being in right place and taking right approach can mean difference between bountiful hunt and coming home empty-handed. So keep bearings with Silva Huntsman Com..

Silva Trekker Compass

Silva Trekker Compass Silva Trekker CompassEmbark on fresh adventure to new part of map with trusty Silva Trekker Compass in hand. rotating capsule features sure-grip dial for when fingers are cold, declination scale helps you find way through local magnetic variations…
Silva Education Kit Silva Trekker CompassWhether youre teaching orienteering skills deep in wilderness or own backyard, Silva Education Kit provides everything needed, besides an appropriate topographic map, for single instructor and 24 students to navigate solely with compass and map…
Suunto Mb 6g Global Compass Silva Trekker CompassSuuntos MB-6G Global Compass will work whether youre ski touring in Patagonia or Alaska. This analog compass provides specific navigational directions when you cant tell difference between south and west, its clinometer will let you know if youre h..
Suunto Arrow 6 Compass Silva Trekker CompassBoasting an uncomplicated design, Suunto Arrow 6 Compass offers speedy and dependable reading with its rotating capsule and high-speed needle. And thanks to its no-frills construction, Arrow 6 is ideal for competitive orienteers or minimalist hikers who desi..
Astral Quick Release Rescue Belt Silva Trekker CompassEnhance safety of old Astral Buoyancy PFD with addition of Quick Release Rescue Belt. This 1. 5in-wide belt upgrades Wonderjacket (2007 or later models) or Tempo 200 jacket by making it tow-compatible, belt can also be used as r..
Astral Dyneema Throw Rope Silva Trekker CompassThe Astral Dyneema Throw Rope is compact and reliable when youre rescuing buddy on paddling adventures. It also fits into Astral Greenjackets back pocket perfectly so you can access it at all times…